Advantages of Filipino nanny from FilipinoHR

Английский язык

English language

English is the official language of the Philippines, so it is well spoken by most Filipinos, including our staff.
Опыт работы

Work experience

We provide for review only the candidates with experience in a relevant position. If you hire a nanny, you will be offered a candidate who has experience working with children.
Любит детей

Loves children

The obligatory quality of a nanny, which is confirmed not only by words but also by references, previous work experience and answers given during the interview.
Быстрый подбор

Quick recruitment

We know the preferences and strengths of our nannies and are able to offer you the candidates for review based on your requirements right away.

We will get back to you within 10 minutes after you fill in the application and offer you the best options.

How we work

Client request

You fill in the form on our website or contact us via phone or email

Selection of the candidates

Within 2 days we make a list of suitable candidates based on your requirements and wishes


We arrange an interview at your home or at our office with each candidate individually or in a group

Trial period

If you liked one or more candidates, you can invite them on a trial day with hourly pay


After choosing one of the girls, you conclude an agreement with our agency for a period of 1 year. Now you have a Filipino nanny!

Filipino nannies


Nanny is a special profession. It requires not only a set of professional skills but also suitable personal qualities, i.e. general culture, sociability, love and kindness to children, and respect for adults.

For an infant, toddler, schoolchild, and even a teenager, it is important to grow in an atmosphere of warmth and goodwill that gives the feeling of security and self-confidence.

Filipino women, by virtue of their culture, have high moral standards, affection and love for children, and value domesticity, which makes them the best choice for bringing up the best qualities in your child.

Filipino nanny, like other Asian personnel, is diligent, neat and tidy, and approaches work in a consistent way. Your child will be brought up from childhood with a sense of respect for work and order. A tactful and patient nanny educates and teaches good manners by own example, observing the requirements of the mother or being guided by the freedom of pedagogical creativity. You will be proud of your educated, attentive and tactful child.

In Filipino culture, children are seen as a miracle and a gift from the heavens. Filipino women love and appreciate children, whether they are their own or someone else's children.

Perhaps this is why the Filipino nannies are considered the best and work all over the world, including Asian countries, Europe, the US, the Persian Gulf countries and, of course, Russia.

For a child, the appearance of a stranger in the family is a stress that needs to be minimized. Gentle and caring on the one hand, quiet and inconspicuous on the other hand, a Filipino nanny will smooth misunderstanding and discomfort over, win the trust of parents and children and will justify it throughout the work. Honest, not inclined to changing jobs without serious reasons and knowing the subordination well, the nanny makes the child happy and keeps parents calm as they know that they have nothing to worry about, even when they are not at home.

Filipino nannies speak English well, and it is not surprising: English is the official language in the Philippines. Communicating with the nanny, children learn English on a daily, mundane basis and are brought up in a bilingual environment, which makes them perceive English as a second native language. At the same time, a nanny who does not know Russian cannot eavesdrop on conversations, spread gossip and “air dirty linen in public.” It ensures a high level of privacy for the family. Leaving your children with the nanny, you can be certain that she will find the best occupation for them: games, walks, reading, drawing, and other activities that develop the cognitive and communicative qualities of a baby. The children’s leisure will be filled with useful and entertaining activities, depending on their age, development, and level of activity.

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  • Nanny from the Philippines for teens
  • Filipino nanny for preschoolers
  • Nanny for a large family

Filipino HR Agency has been selecting and recruiting domestic workers for our clients for 7 years. During this time, we’ve refined the selection and recruitment of domestic workers, learned to foresee our clients’ wishes, and offer them the best Filipino nannies, housekeepers, maids, and cooks.